Treasure Hunt

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Seeking God’s Treasure.  Any Treasure Hunt is fun.  This particular Treasure Hunt is an adventurous and exciting journey with God.  The Treasure Hunt team first asks God for His Clues, then fills those out on a Treasure Map, and then goes into the Streets to discover and seek out ‘His Treasures’!  God’s Treasures are people whom He particularly wants to touch that day with His love, His healing and His blessings. The Treasure Map includes Clues of where the people will be, what they will be wearing, maybe something unusual to look out for, and what they might need prayer for.

Bray old town hallWe then go into the Streets of Bray, looking for the individuals or groups of people who fit the Clues on the Treasure Map.  If they would like it, we share Jesus’ love, and offer to pray discreetly with them for healing and any other prayer which they may request, for themselves and/or for others whom they know.  We want to bring hope to people by sharing the good news that Jesus loves them, and that they are very much on His mind … that indeed they are God’s Treasure!

There are many people whom the team have met through Treasure Hunt.  As they have received prayer for a whole variety of needs, we have often noticed that their faces light up.  Some report that their pain has gone.  Some feel tingling, some feel heat, some feel relief.  All seem to experience God’s peace as we share His love.  He shows them that He really does care;  that He knows their needs;  that they really are His Treasure!

If you would like the Treasure Hunt team to pray with you for healing or any other need, or if you are interested in going out with the team to pray, please text or phone 086 173 2189 or complete the form below [a copy of the form will be sent to your e-mail address so that you have a record of your message].

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