The Tent prayer

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The Tent is an important gathering for us, and we meet at Jerry & Therese Whyte’s home at 7.30pm at 40 Delaford Drive, Knocklyon [087 286 7267].
Over the summer months, we are going out from there to prayer walk in south Dublin.

The Tent is much more than a prayer meeting – there is time to worship, pray, prophesy and dialogue about what God is doing and saying, and the journey on which He is taking us. Every week is different, and it is a time of real connection with God and with one another.

Why The Tent? We have often used the picture of a tent to describe the community and mission of Mountain View. For every new venture and all new growth, more space is required. So we picture our church life as a tent that can be stretched, strengthened and expanded at any time through prayer and intercession.

If you might like to use the prayer for Ireland which Sean Copeland shared when he preached some time ago from Jeremiah 33, you will find it further down this page below the image.

The Tent with Isaiah 54: 2


Prayer for Ireland

God, we thank You for creating the nation of Ireland. We bless You for the characteristics You have given us as a people.
We thank You for giving us the gifts of song and musicianship; literature and lyrics; drama and theatre; craftsmanship and artistry; creativity and inventiveness.
We thank You for making us a people who work for justice; who are quick to give generously; eager to show compassion and stand up for those who are unfairly treated.
We thank You for giving us an ability to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously, and we embrace these as a reflection of Your nature.
We thank You for the faithfulness of those who paved the way for us to walk in the freedom of Your Spirit, and for the heritage of our Irish ancestors: Columba, Kevin, Brendan, Colmcille, Brigid, Aidan and Patrick, and others in more recent history. We ask that You give us passion to influence future generations through the spreading of Your Gospel the way these people did.
We ask You to overwhelm us with prosperity and security.
We ask for inventions that create new industries and new jobs.
We ask for wisdom for the government; integrity for commercial leaders; stewardship from the financial institutions; legislation that honours the population and solutions that offer hope to those in difficulty.
We ask for an educational system that reinforces godly values; and music, arts and media that are birthed from prophetic insights.
We pray for a society that is shaped by the culture of the Kingdom of God.
We thank You for bringing health and healing to Dublin and all the cities of Ireland.
We ask for a corporate anointing on the Church in this land, that this nation would be a beacon of supernatural ministry, so all those across Europe who are afflicted in body, mind or spirit would come to experience Your Presence and receive wholeness and healing.
We prophetically call forth those who will pastor, nurture, lead and mentor. We ask that You raise up spiritual mothers and fathers who will train and equip generations of revivalists.
We pray that Ireland would have a unified Church operating under Your Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists; and that we would pursue Your mandate to make disciples of all nations.
We ask for an expansion of the dreams You’ve put in our hearts and we ask for courage to pursue them.
We believe that You are a good Father and that You have given us every good thing.
We receive Your promise that we will be filled with the whole measure of the fullness of God.
We invite You to speak through us Your words of compassion, truth and love.
We invite You to demonstrate through us Your miracles, mercy and faith.
We invite You to live through us Your grace, generosity and hope.
We offer ourselves to You completely and pray that this city and this nation will be a dwelling place for Your tangible, manifest Presence.
And we declare that in the streets of this nation the voices of Your Bride will say: “God is good and His love endures forever”. Amen.


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