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We moved out of The Well in Bray on 30 September 2014. God had been speaking to us as a congregation through many prophetic words about moving on, so that is what we have done. We feel like Abraham who ‘… went out, not knowing where he was going’ [Hebrews 11: 8]. We will be meeting as community in different ways until the new year when we trust God will again open the door to a more permanent home.

Until that time, The Gallery Bookshop is temporarily located in our Healing Streams building at 7C Church Terrace, just a few doors from The Well.

If we do not keep in touch with how God is speaking and how He is moving around the world, our expectations will be limited to what we ourselves have already experienced of Him. One way to avoid this trap is to read what we call ‘Resources for revival’. That is why we passionately believe in Christian books, and why we refurbished the Gallery of The Well to house The Gallery Bookshop.

Our titles are loosely divided into the following broad classifications, although there are always some that refuse to be categorised:
• Naturally supernatural
• Conversation with God
• Healing & wholeness

You will also find a range of soaking music CDs to help you draw aside and focus your heart on God. And a great range of Bibles to focus on Gods’ Word.

We also stock a range of gifts – some beautiful journals and devotional books, as well as notebooks, pens, jewellery, and lots more.

Drinking coffee in The Gallery BookshopThe Gallery Bookshop in its temporary home is open by appointment – please text or phone 086 839 1870 or complete the form below. is also based in Bray and is the online presence of The Gallery Bookshop.  Click here to browse or shop online.

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