Children’s Ministry

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We moved out of The Well in Bray on 30 September 2014. God had been speaking to us through many prophetic words about moving on, so that is what we have done. We feel like Abraham who ‘… went out, not knowing where he was going’ [Hebrews 11: 8]. We will be meeting as community in different ways until the new year when we trust God will again open the door to a more permanent home.

We believe that knowing and experiencing God has no age limit!  Children at The Well stayed with their parents or carers for the first half of the morning service, before having a time especially for their own age group.  We had three groups – the ‘babes’ (0 – 12 months), the ‘toddlers’ (18 – 36 months) and the ‘sparks’ (aged 4 – 12). The ‘babes’ and ‘toddlers’ stayed in The Well while the ‘sparks’ moved a few doors away to our Healing Streams building, where they were able to make noise and express themselves with freedom!  A dedicated and enthusiastic team loved to help the children to connect to the heart of God, drawing out their unique gifts and encouraging them to discover for themselves what it means to follow Jesus and become like Him.  Games, art activities, prayer and music were all part of the quality experience that was engaging, fun and meaningful.  Their morning together finished with a snack before returning to The Well to join the rest of the church community.


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